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In addition to directing choirs, Sarah has an approach to improving the sound of choirs through an inclusive technique through choral standing positions and conducting lessons. Learn more:

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Inclusive Choir

Formations Workshop

Sarah employs an inclusive technique to explore/improve choral sound through standing positions.  She will meet with your ensemble and workshop this technique in real time--choir singers and directors will learn the technique together.

Upcoming Workshops:


Sunday, October 16, 2022at 3:00pm

Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 1:00pm 

Saturday, February 11, at 10:00am

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Conducting Lessons

and Workshops

Sarah offers private and group conducting lessons. Her approach is to empower the conductor to explore how to convey the sound of the music  through gesture and to explore healthy vocal production through the conductor body position.

Upcoming Workshops:

HEALTHY CONDUCTING WORKSHOP (postponed to Spring 2023)

Conducting Internship:

Offers an internship for an emerging conductor for Choir Matrix and Consonare Community Choir each season.  Internship includes conducting lessons and podium time. Female and non-binary conductors are encouraged to apply.

If interested in being considered for the next available internship, please use contact form to inquire.


Choral Masterclass

and Consulting

Sarah enjoys working with other choirs either in a single masterclass format or through a more regular consulting arrangement, with a focus on vocal technique, expression, and intonation.

Current Consulting:

Church Choir - Ongoing Consulting

First Church of Christ

Mansfield, Connecticut

To learn more about any of the above consulting opportunities or to explore a collaborative opportunity, please contact Sarah Kaufold via email through completing the Contact Form below.

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