Sarah is an experienced conductor, music educator, and singer who strives to interweave the teaching of vocal pedagogy into the choral experience and exploring the role of social justice in choral music.  Currently, Sarah is the Founding and Artistic Director for Consonare Choral Community, a nonprofit organization working to build community through choral music in Connecticut, where she directs:  Voices of Concinnity Chamber Ensemble, a professional chamber ensemble of singers from diverse backgrounds; Choir Matrix Women's Ensemble, a community choir open to all self-identified women.; and Consonare Community Choir, a large drop-in choir with a mission to get the whole community singing.  Serving also as Executive Director, Sarah has worked to bring in grant funding for the organization.

Sarah holds a Masters of Music in Choral Conducting from University of Connecticut with extensive graduate study in choral conducting from California State University, Los Angeles.   She has studied conducting under Donald Brinegar, James Spillane, William Belan, and Iris Levine.  She obtained a B.A. in Psychology from California Polytechnic University, Pomona where she also began her studies as a music educator. 


Photos by Ellen Yang


Photos by Ellen Yang

Her choral leadership experience has previously included teaching at the junior and senior high level in California, directing the Women’s Choir and Collegiate Choir as a graduate student at the UConn, serving as music director of The Shoreline Chorale, and Assistant Conductor of the Chorale at Eastern Connecticut University. Her choral music experience has flourished from serving as music director in numerous churches since 2000.  Outside of choral conducting, she has conducted operas for New in November with the Hartford Opera Theater, served as TA for a music history course at UConn, and taught graduate choral literature at The Hartt School.

Musicians were faced with many challenges starting in 2020, but Sarah found new ways to create in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  She is the recipient of the 2020 CT Artist Respond Grant for the project she created with a colleague, Greg Flower, called Songs of Comfort which fulfilled song requests for those suffering in isolation due to COVID-19.  She has also received the 2021 CT Artist Respond Grant for her upcoming Choral Composer Amplify Project.  In 2021, she presented at the Diverse Pathways to the Podium conference lead by Girls Who Conduct.  Her first article. "Choral Singing on the Brink of Delta" has been published  through New Music Box.


Sarah has sung professionally throughout the Los Angeles and New England area and is currently a member of the professional chamber choir, Collegium Ancora, located in Providence, RI, and Alchemy, located in Middletown, CT.  Although music is her passion, she also loves photography,  traveling, and hiking with her family.