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All works written by Sarah Kaufold


Article published in New Music Box:  "Choral Singing on the Brink of Delta"

Article Series

The Magic of Vocal Harmony

This four part article series where we briefly explore an aspect of choral singing that sparks the imagination to learn more about the science behind why we sing together.  [click picture to access article]


#1 - Choir Invites Good Vibrations


Explore the physical and emotional benefits with a science lens behind why we sing together.


#2 - Drawn to Vocal Harmony


We are drawn to harmony because our own voices already create harmony on their own - a brief exploration in vocal acoustics.


#3 - The Ghosting Soprano


Explore why sometimes we hear notes that are not being sung in the choral setting.


#4 - Choral Goosebumps


Does listening to music sometimes give you chills? Voices of Concinnity is exploring this concept.

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